The Rites of Ramiel are one Element of 4 sets of Rites which form the basis of the structure of 12th Ray. In working daily with the Rites they change the way you work and process thereby re-structuring you.  They are Sandalphon’s way of teaching the Qabalah. You live the Tree in every way with the Rites totally integrating the unfolding Mysteries and Higher Teachings of the Divine. The Rites are timed by the Lunar cycles.

The first set of Rites is offered at Adept Initiationl. Once these are completed the second level is offered, usually beginning with Teachers Initiation. However, if a person is not drawn to complete Teachers Power Week they can still participate in the Rites.

The 3rd set is presented to the student at any time when the Divine Hierarchy of Light who oversees the process says that it is timely.

The forth level comes at Guide Initiation. There are 26 Rites in total taught online after the intial 4 taught in person during Sandalphon’s Adept Programme.


At Guide Training and upon completion of the rites The Elemental Realignment Training is given and handed down. This is Sandalphon’s speciality and will not be handed down to anyone who has not completed the rites because their energy is not re-structured suitably to perform the Alignment which allows the seals to be placed in the Aura of the client. (These are Sandalphon’s and the HOL’s instructions and not my rules)