TAU – The Gateway

the kingdom of spirit is embodied in my flesh

 Adonai Ha Aretz – Lord of the Earth and the Physical Universe

On December 28, 2006 an energetic change occurred for planet Earth. This was created by the alignment of Pluto and our Galactic Centre, The Grand Central Sun. This alignment opened the gate allowing light and energy to flow through from the centre of our galaxy. With this energy the Rays of the 12 great Archangels anchored into the energy of the Earth to totally recalibrate the ley lines and completely change the energy of Earth and humankind.

The long awaited time of Human mystery schools had arrived. This has been planned in conjunction with the evolution of humankind, which follows a cycle of three. The first cycle of evolution is the out breath of God. The second is a pause and the third is the breathing back in. The cycles of evolution follow roughly 7000 years. The Outbreath of God was led by the Archangels of the first Rays of Creation.  These were 7 in total and their names ended in EL, for example, Michael, Gabriel, Raphiel and Uriel.  The Breathing back in of God, the next 7000 year cycle of evolution is being led by a team of 12 Archangels –  notice Metatron and Sandalphon.


In the first cycle of evolution mankind was learning about the ‘illusion’ of separation and the ‘illusion’ of sin.  The first society was a matriarchal society, led by the Goddess, mostly to the exclusion of God.  Next came domination by men and a singular deity, a partiarchal society ‘God’ leading to the exclusion of the Goddess.


Now that we are in the 3rd cycle of Evolution we are ‘grown up’ enough to realise that partnership, union, is co-equal and co-creative GODDESS AND GOD.


This is what the 12th Ray, what Sandalphon and Eve are all about.

The statement  IMPECCABLE HUMAN DESIGN is what is being made manifest.  And as divinity comes down into the union between the co-equal couple, a third entity comes into being which in turn creates the forth and all things are revealed.


impeccable human design

Impeccable = flawless, faultless, irreproachable

not liable to sin; incapable of sin

human = 
of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people:
consisting of people:
the human race.
of or relating to the social aspect of people:
human affairs.


design = 

to plan and fashion artistically or skillfully.
to intend for a definite purpose:
to form or conceive in the mind; contrive; plan:
to assign in thought or intention; purpose:

to mark out, as by a sign; indicate.




The Qaballah, The Tree of Life IS the Divine Template and how the world is organised.  All people and clans across the world have had their way of explaining it and living for as long as can be remembered…. remember the tales of “Odin hung from the tree”? Of course Odin and the Vikings are very recent when compared to how far back teachings of the Tree really go…. way, way, beyond most written and recorded history.  These things were handed down and taught by telepathic communication and symbols, glyphs and the Language of the Archangels.


When the Garden of Eden fell, Da’arth as it is seen on the tree, Earth came down to rest at the foot of the tree, The Lightning bolt path was struck leading us accross the abyss and causing the separation from Divinity, causing the forgetting that we are one with God.  This is the only sin.  There is no other. You are one spark of the divine, complete, perfect and whole, and the Divine Plan is to bring us back to that unity, back into oneness, co-creative, co-equal in divine partnership with our divine mates and one with the All Being Divine Creator Fully Manifested on Earth

“manifesting the divine template for an impeccable human design.”

We placed that phrase on our front page.  We placed it there as when I asked for a mission statement, a purpose, what our school was all about – that is what Sandalphon told me.  That is her Divine Purpose.