Sandalphon’s Integrated Adept Programme – Price including Rites £648



4 day journey



Adept Package Pricing

Integrated Adept Programme with Rites of Ramiel (7 months on line study with email and messenger support from Josephine) £648

Adept Programme – £333

Rites of Ramiel 7 Months package – £350

Rites of Ramiel per monthly online study £55

*these are introductory prices for the monthly study programmes which are normally £75 giving a saving of £35 per month on the Adept package price.

Non refundable deposit £111
Facility fee £150

(Anyone who has previously been Adept Initiated by Josephine, who would like to come and experience Sandalphon’s Adept Programme please contact us about attending for the nominal cost of the facility fee. Prices for the monthly study classes still apply.



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