the path of initiation

Greetings and welcome, I am Josephine. Thank you for joining us at TPT and allowing me to introduce myself to you.

My journey into the light started as a small child when I used to lie in bed and get visited by other people who were not quite human. Mostly I would pop through the ceiling, or they would pop through my window and we would go and visit other places and other realms where I would “grow” a bit more deep pink goo from my heart and pull it out and give it to whichever person or being who needed it allowing them to heal. There was always plenty. I always had enough.

I realise now, that the beings who used to visit me were actually our half brothers and sisters, the other root races from when Michael was married to Lilleth before Eve…..intrigued…mmmmm, so was I.  That was just one of the beautiful ah-ha moments I had as I started on my journey on the path of Initiation, as an Adept.


Camping, just for fun, with Skyla



As my Father was often absent and my Mother had taught me all about God’s love and God being my father, if there was something that I did not understand I would wait until bedtime and after my bedtime story, I would close my eyes take a walk along the corridor filled with the tall people all lit up with wings on their backs, go through the door at the end and there waiting would be My (other) Father, with his long beard, waiting for me in his chair.  I would climb up onto his lap, snuggle down and he would tell me all I wanted and needed to know.  My God still does this for me now (and I still seem to go most of the time as a small girl, dressed in my nightgown).

You can imagine my surprise when my Beloved bought me this painting, a painting that describes the exact place I go to to find my father, a place that I have never told anyone about and yet a painting he watched being painted over 3 days and that he felt we just “had to have”.  You can imagine my even greater surprise when my 4 year old exclaimed, when we hung it on the living room wall “Oh, that’s where you go when you go to speak to God.”  Hmmmm,  I had never told him either.


Oh and if you ever do Qaballah….ah, well, I guess, I should let you find that out for yourself 😉


My ‘Spiritual Path’ developed when in 1996 I met a great friend who introduced me to my first Mentor and now great friend and colleague, Carole Easton who is probably one of the greatest Reiki Masters in the entire known universe. (In my opinion anyway!) I place spiritual path in inverted commas because for me I have learnt that my truth is more about my human path as a spritual being developing soul growth here on Earth. But, I digress, back to Carole.  I remember my 2 day class at Reiki being one of the most transformational processes life had ever handed to me.  I was amazed.  Truly, deeply and profoundly touched to be gifted in such a way by such a kind and gentle being.  To have Universal Life Force Energy placed in my hands so that I was never helpless again started me on a life-long energetic journey into an unfettered an unlimited space and place for discovery.  Reiki 2 and my Masters were the natural progression and,  although I can teach, I always reccomend that people go to Carole,  as for me, no-one can surpass her true Beauty and Eloquence in handing down this Ancient gift of Healing.

 At the same time that I was l fully immersed in my Reiki Practioner Courses, I also started studying Tarot and sitting in a development circle.  I realised that the gifts I had as a child which I had forgotten and put away had merely been dormant.  They soon came flooding back and to my surprise I was acually quite good.  Therefore, rather than keep a good thing to myself, I started to teach.  My philosphy has always been if I can read for ten people, I have helped to heal ten people, however, if I can teach ten people – I can help 100 people – therefore, I TEACH.

Healing on Hold 2001-2005


In 2001 my third and final child came along.  He was born with a congenital heart defect – a heart baby.  To say that I was devastated is an understatement.  I could not quite understand how as a healer I had a broken child.  How young and naive I was!  I have since learnt – healers go first, we lead the way, for how can we help or empathise if we have no experience of pain or suffering?  I was told to take my baby home, that he may or may not survive.  It was a chance to put my healing to good use.  The large hole in the top of his heart did not cause too much trouble, the small one at the bottom – that was the one which could kill him.  Every day at 1pm I would lie down and give him healing.  At 13 months he had his first open heart surgery.  The doctors were amazed – the hole which was impossible to heal was almost closed.  I smiled.

However, that is not the end of his tale.  6 months later his heart valve replacement failed, but it was too soon to operate.  We had to keep him as strong as possible and at 3 years and 1 month old he was taken in for his second open heart surgery.  The operation was 100% successful.  His heart and lungs were so strong the surgeon was thoroughly impressed with how well he was.  3 days later tragedy struck – he had been getting sicker and sicker.  I knew and the healing was not working.  He would not accept ‘healy hands’.  On 14th February we found out he had MRSA.  He was dying would everyone please come and say goodbye.  His feet and hands were black and they wanted to amputate.  My thoughts though were, “What was the point if he was going to die?”  And anyway, the body heals itself the best if left.


Over the next two weeks I watched as he came and went, deciding whether to stay or go and I gave thanks to God for the beautiful gift of my precious boy.  I spoke to his soul and said that no matter what he chose I Loved him enough to stand by him.  He said that if he stayed it would be an incredibly hard life for all of us.  I still said that I loved him enough to let him choose and whatever God thought was right, we were strong enough for.  Two weeks later he woke up.  He had suffered a massive stroke, losing one third of the right side of his brain.


We were told he would never walk again and was likely to be a vegetable for the rest of his life……..


Yet, I knew.  I just knew there was someone in there.  7 and a half weeks later we came out of hospital.  It was hard work. However, 14th February the following year, my little boy stood up for the first time!

Over the next few years we went in and out of hospital.  He has epilepsy and part of him is still 3.  He has lost visual field to the left in both eyes so is partially sighted and always will be.  He is paralysed down his left hand side.  AND he is AMAZING.  I am so lucky.  He gave me the courage to pursue healing in a much greater depth.  He gave me the courage to leave a non-functioning marriage.  He gave me the courage to grow up and be me!  What a gift – what a healer.

In September 2006 in my new home I came accross a piece of paper, a pink piece of paper, sent to me by no other than my Mentor, Carole Easton.  It said – Adept Class…. 4 new guides, hold 10 times the light, find your true spiritual path, etc, etc.  I can’t actually remember what else it said, but I do remeber thinking I HAVE to do that!  I don’t know why, but I do know it will save lives.  I also knew that if it came from Carole, it was authentic and TRUE.


A few days later having managed to get my very disabled son looked after I was standing at a completely pivotal point in my life AND I KNEW IT.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  I knew that I had waited all my life just to be standing here in this moment in this time.

 On the first day I met my physical guide, Hannah Bajor.  I was so embarrassed.  This lady, all in white, flung her arms around me and hugged me,

“Oh, Josephine, I am so glad you are here.”

“And me you,” I replied.  I had NO IDEA who she was – I was wracking my brain trying to remember who I could possibly have forgotten from Reiki evenings.  It was only once we were in class that I realised she was our teacher and later on as I got to know her, that she told me we had been working on the astral together for many, many years.  Indeed, we have known each other for many emanations.

 After two incredible intensive days being handed down ancient teachings and rituals we moved on to our third day, the Adept 2.  At the end of the day I drove home.  I phoned a very close friend and told her she had to come to me the very next day since I knew without a shadow of a doubt that she had what we call a crown cap.  That day I saved her life.  I have no ego in that statement.  If you ask her, she will agree.  If I never did any other work after that – all my training will be worth that one moment.


 Teacher Training, Guide Training and The Path of Warrior of Light


4 weeks later and I was flying off, leaving my children behind on an incredible journey of discovery – not only about myself, and the team I work with on Earth, but also about the Hierarchy of Light and the work they do with us in the physical and non-physical realms.  I learnt many skills and started my journey for teaching.  I also learnt that healing was not just about all that fluffy stuff.  Hmmmm, I learnt about things that I did not really want to know about.  Mostly, that the ‘stuff’ is created by us. However, I also learnt how to deal with the stuff and how to get things cleaned up and sorted out making the world a better place.

I continued teaching and healing as a Mystery School Guide until 2011 – learning and growing.  As you teach you learn more, and as you learn more you can teach more.

“I will teach and I will heal”


In 2009 I made contact with Laurie, Lady Eleanor, Steward and Head of Spiritual Mystery Schools and Steward of 7th Ray Mystery School, and I had a reading with Archangel Metatron.  The first thing I asked the Metatron was “What is my contract with God?”  It’s always a good place to start, because from there you will get just about everything you will ever need to know in your entire lifetime.  From the moment that I had booked my reading with Laurie and Metatron, I had started writing questions.  By the time it came to my reading I had 16 pages of A4 paper full of questions and guess what, he answered them all.  When it came to me actually asking any questions myself, I was flicking back and forth to see if he had missed any.  He hadn’t – I just asked for a few themes to be expanded upon.  Metatron gave me my contract, it is a simple statement – I will teach and I will heal.  I realised that my whole life experience is this and that I feel totally fulfilled when I am teaching and when I am healing.


So my next Mentor relationship came into being and Laurie took over my training.  In 2011 she came to England and we held our first Neo-adept class.


The 10 days passed in a flash.  We learnt so much.  I had never met anyone who can hold so much information and yet I have learnt that what we learnt is just the tip of a very large iceberg (and one that certainly is not suffering from any kind of global warming).

I watched as Adepts I had initated became Guides – my heart burst as more light entered into their being.  Did you know that much light could fit?  It just grows!

4th November 2011 early on a crisp wintery morning I drive out to Heathrow to pick up a lady I have never, ever met with my heart in my mouth knowing that once again the world is about to change.  I had spent weeks before clearing out our barn, changing it from an old cow barn into a magical space of healing and teaching.  I must say I was pleased with the results.  We draped the ceiling with royal blue fabric, put candle holders on the wall, had tables for altars at the 4 points (and lots and lots of plug in radiators because it was November after all!)  My really good friend Mike put carpet down for me and with crystals and candles and all the other bits and pieces that make it just so, we were good to go.  I called my “guys” in and set off with a happy, if somewhat nervous, heart.

I stood at the barrier with a book in my hand.  My beloved had told me to take a banner with Laurie’s name on it and I refused saying that I was not going to look like an idiot holding a sign.

“What? Like all the other people at airports holding signs up for people they have never met before?” He said.

I did not care, we would know each other, I was sure – and we did…. immediately… and I cried.  I was so moved that finally Laurie was here and England was going to change.

Little did I know that we would have such great fun.  Laurie had emailed me the night before asking if we had room for one more, her great friend Kathy.  Hey, the more the merrier… that is honestly how I try to be…but I am a VIRGO and I am uptight and I started panicking about enough rooms and towels and food and patience (as in mine).  But, I let it go and I let God.  It was the best decision I have ever made and I can honestly say a life long friendship began that day.  I have NEVER EVER had two women in my house that are so easy to be with.  So gorgeous and wonderful and smashing and easy.  My VIRGO completely went away…. flushed down the loo with the nervous stomach complaint.


Then Laurie asked if I could take the European Oak wands we have, mine and my beloved’s, the feminine and masculine and use them to energetically caliberate the American Sage Wands so that they were in line with our energies here.  I thought, “Well, how on earth do I do that then?” and I was told that I had been trained for this, I was used to carrying both our energies for we have to spend time apart and I stood in a particular stance (which I know now is the stance of Ra) and did what I do!


When I had finished, Laurie said,

“Thank you, Josephine, that was the first ceremony you have performed as the Steward of the 12th Ray Mystery School, the Ray of the Archangel Sandalphon.”

And as the song goes, ‘Well, I wasn’t expecting that!’