A light worker is not always doing what you think they should be doing to be ‘doing the work’.


As we said before “We don’t use machines to do our work, we incorporate and utilize specialist equipment – and that specialist equipment is YOU”.  Each talent that the Divine Creator has given to an individual is the THING that makes that individual special to us and to humankind and that is the way that the Hierarchy of Light reaches out to the world through them.


Below are a few of our Adept’s who are doing the work and who are available to assist you in their own unique way. Click on any of the links to connect with them.

Jacqueline Dove Pankhurst,  is the very first person I ever initiated when I became a guide.  We have been friends for over 20 years and I have entrusted my children to her care and she has entrusted her soul and spiritual welfare to mine!

Jacqui Ballet, as we lovingly call her, owns and runs Tiptoes Dance and Drama.  Sandalphon has informed her, and I am sure that she won’t mind me telling you, that each piece of work she choreographs carries particular rhythms and beats that carry out accross time, space and dimensions, bringing healing, upliftment and more.

Each adult and child becomes something greater than they can imagine when they join in with Tiptoes.  Based in Lane End in High Wycombe, there is something for all.

Jacqui (Lady, in red, yes you may burst into song) with her Mother, Elaine, who started Tiptoes and who is still very much a part of the support network.

 Jo Grönmark is a Paediatric Physiotherapist, intuitively getting to the very heart of the matter, supporting not only the child, but the entire family to get on track with whatever disability or phiscal issue is going on at present, whether long or short term.  She can put a package in place to suit you
needs and help you through the most difficult of times.  I know, because she did it for me.  Jo was the second person I initiated when I became a guide.  (We were the three J’s trapsing off on our adventure together!!!)


Jo is available for private physio, baby massage and to teach group baby massage. You can email Jo.



Jocelyn, my lovely, lovely, lovely Jocelyn Dudley-Smith is without doubt one of the most talented accupunctrists you will ever meet or see.  She can find the source of the problem, the blocked channels and before a needle has even touched you the energy starts to flow.  I can not explain it because I am not trained.  However, when we get together and are running a Teachers Power Week here in the UK, I shall be making sure that Jocelyn is there to explain things.  Her understanding is incredible and her

unique ability to explain complicated scenarios appears to enable your body to understand what is happening so that healing can begin at the mental leval allowing the phyical level to follow.  It is something all our healers should have the ability to do!


Jocelyn is based mainly in Marlow, Maidenhead and Gerrards Cross.

email Jocelyn

Yet another J Goddess.  I had no idea that was going to happen when I started typing this page!

Julie Frost, my super Northern Friend and the most amazing and talented artist whose Adepthood and Lightwork are shown in yet another totally different

Julie Frost, my super Northern Friend and the most amazing and talented artist whose Adepthood and Lightwork are shown in yet another totally different way – through her artwork.

Julie is based on the Wirral, but can tune into anyone, anywhere, with simple elegance and efficiency, tuning into their needs she is then able to create stunning artwork and post it out to them.

Julie is the creator of Chakra Doodles tm.  Her work heals – literally.  Julie channels the information for each individual piece of work according to the needs and demands of the person or situation she is given.

Having been trained in Divine Sacred Geometry in the Mystery School Tradition, that is often seen reflected in her work, as is her deep understanding of the energy and connection with The Goddess and Mother Earth.  When Julie adds particular crystals to her work as guided, the finished product is exceptional and unique.


The piece shown here was DIvinely Inspired and Channelled by Julie especially for 12th Ray Mystery School.  It incorporates our theme and all that we are.




Initiation into a Valid Mystery School is like becoming part of a family.  The Guilde who initiates you literally ‘adopts’ you into their lineage.  If I seem very familiar with the people I speak of here, that is because they are my family…that and the fact that most of them were actually friends before they got dragged along the path of initiation…..


Hmmmm no coincidences that we incarnated at the same time.  I shall ask them if they will share their own ‘her-story’ for you on here.