We would like to be clear – INITIATION IS FREE – Neither 12th Ray Mystery School or Terra Point Training Limited charge for Initiations. ANYONE can apply to a Guide who will put their name forward to the Hierarchy of Light for physical Initiation.  Charges that are made are for the teaching and lectures that you receive, for the cost of hiring venues, printing materials etc.  If you do not wish to receive the teachings but come only for Initiation Ceremony please email.

The Path of the Adept

Elemental Adept – 2 day journey

Be attuned to the 5 elements of the Universe, Ether, Fire, Air, Water and bring it all to the physical of Earth.

The practice:

  • Allow the energies of the Universe to illuminate within.
  • Shine forth as a reflection to all others.
  • Bathe within this divinity.
  • Become Lightness of Spirit and The True Element of Self.

During these 2 days you will begin your journey on the pathway of an Adept whilst you get to decide if a lifetime commitment is for you.  Whilst learning about and experiening the elements, you will be handed down Rituals from Sandalphon, the Archangel of 12th Ray, which have never been practiced on earth before.

 She has been awaiting this time, to bring these speical gifts into being.  Waiting for humankind to be ready.  You will be linked up to the Hierarchy of Light and attuned to the Energies of the Mystery School in preparation for full Adepthood, should you choose to take it.

This is a marvellous opportunity to fine tune your energies and abilities, learning to connect fully to your higher self, to the ancient energies of the Earth and Divine Contact with Sandalphon being given proper and useful tools of the Adept to enhance your spiritual practice and ‘amp up’ your psychic gifts and energies.

Sandalphon’s Integrated Adept Programme – 4 day


Do you feel drawn to expansion on your Metaphysical Path?  Do you feel a longing to KNOW just what makes your world go round, who helps you stir the cauldron of your life and how you can expand and deepen the knowledge of it?  Do you sense that there is something just on the tip of your tongue that you can almost taste… whispering in the wind and calling at your ancient roots to come forward and join with your future self, the spirit pouring into your body? What’s the recipe and ingredients that craft it all together and make your life really magical and who is it whispering away to you that there is more and there is a walkway destined for you…..

Well, that could just be the Hierarchy of Light and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light calling out to you and saying, “It’s your time now, if you would like it… we will share the teachings and the knowledge… we will join with you and give you back the things you have forgotten….come if you want to, it’s up to you..”

The Adept Programme is as ancient as time itself.  It is all at once the ending of a journey and the opening of a doorway into another journey.

The Path of An Initiate truly is KNOW THYSELF…. It’s not the end, It’s a beginning and yet it is a graduation of sorts, into a higher realm and a stepping into full service of the Lig

We spend several days rediscovering the history of the Mysteries, the history of Humankind, the history of the beings we call the Hierarchy of Light and The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light.

But….not only that, we also hand down the practical tools, the tools of a true Metaphysical practitioner.  These are authentic tools and authentic teachings that have been handed down in unbroken lineage from teacher to student since the time of Atlantis.

You will gain physical initiation into the Divine Contacts behind a true Mystery School.

Personal Empowerment, direction, understanding and guidance from 4 new guides dedicated to your spiritual development.

Sandalphon and 12th Ray have their own theme and flavour, (as each Mystery School does). Sandalphon’s theme is that of the Divine Union, Marriage and Divine Family. Bringing all back into oneness with the Divine.

Sandalphon’s Integrated Adept Programme taught by Josephine, Lady Lile, the Integrated Adept Programme, which still carries all the essential ingredients of the original Adept Programme, however also combines more elemental and ceremonial training. It takes place over 4 days – not the original 2 days. The class begins something called the Rites of Ramiel, which if the student chooses to continue, form part of an ongoing monthly study programme leading you through unique training which have never been on this earth plane before. These teachings from Sandalphon come directly from Eve and the Garden of Eden helping bring down Manna from Heaven and all the good things to Earth.

The Rites of Ramiel are one Element of 4 sets of Rites which form the basis of the structure of 12th Ray. In working daily with the Rites they change the way you work thereby re-structuring you. They are Sandalphon’s way of teaching the Qabalah. You live the Tree in every way with the Rites totally integrating the unfolding Mysteries and Higher Teachings of the Divine. The Rites are timed by the Lunar cycles.

Adept 2 and Theories of Light – 2 day class

We put your ‘amped up’ energy to good use with true healing modalities.  Stepping further along the path and your journey into true mastery, you will spend two days bringing the light more fully into the physical.

We will work with toning the divine names of God and Michael’s Sword of Light to absolutely save lives.  Without a shadow of a doubt this is the class that uplifts the world and changes humankind.  This puts Healing into the hands and hearts of the Healer.

  • Help to make depresssion a thing of the past.
  • Re-balance and re-align your clients physical bodies.
  • Learn emotional cord cutting, simply and effectively removing past and present trauma and drama .

This usually enables life to flow more easily and in a more perfected balance for you and those you serve.

Divine Geometries – Half day class

(we call this a half day class, however, be prepared that if it takes longer to really set the energies in place, then we will take that time)

Learn the way the universe is created using Sacred Geometry, and how you as part of that creative process can use the fundamentals of this dynamic energy to enhance the way you exist, grow and operate.

Understand how shape and form are essential in the macrocosm and microcosm of the cohesive living environment in which we share.  How to manipulate and manifest these structures seen and unseen to achieve harmony with all things and have greater control over our experiences and that upon which we focus.

This is a non-complex practical class, explained simply to enable your perspective to adjust and hopefully improve your vision of all that is around us, and the symetry, both in nature and man-made creations.

You will have the divine, sacred geometries imprinted into your body so that you can use them to clear and create sacred space anywhere and everywhere you go. Create a clean and peaceful living environment, make uncomfortable hotel rooms a thing of the past!  Learn how to create Temple Space simply and effectively for you own personal use.

Astral Travel –

(we call this a half day class, however, be prepared that if it takes longer to really set the energies in place, then we will take that time)

Every night we leave

our bodies, mostly unconciously and often coming back with a bump! Many people have traymatic experiences of leaving the body.  Mystery Schools have long known how to leave the body as and when necessary in order to fulfill the work commitments.  In this class you will be handed down those myteries and learn to leave the body consiously, consistently and safely.  This class is great fun and will soon have you flying across the universe at will!


Book together with Sacred Geometry for £90

Gifts of the Spirit (Basic)

This Basic Programme in not a “beginner”class, it offers something to everyone regardless of your knowledge, training, or ability! Gifts of the Spirit Basic or is focused on opening, developing, and evolving your “Gifts of the Spirit.” Regardless your level of development, this course will benefit you. Whether you are a just curious, a Spiritual Seeker, an Esoteric Professional, (Channel, Card Reader, Psychic) or a Healer these programs will serve you!

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience are the manifestation of the Spiritual senses. The Spiritual senses allow you to connect to unseen forces for guidance, teaching, healing, or anything that furthers your Spiritual development.

Many seekers focus on developing one “Gift,” and rely on their natural ability in a specific area. The truth is that all three “Gifts” must be opened and integrated for the individual to be a clear channel. Our focus is on the full opening of the “Gifts.” You will work with the Gifts as you learn techniques to open them. We don’t teach “about” the skill — we teach “the skill” by doing! Our commitment is to provide you with a safe environment to learn and experience the Spiritual capacity you possess.

You have Four ways to participate:
• Attend a weekend Seminar offered at Headquarters with Laurie;
• Attend a Seminar offered by Mystery School Teachers and Guides (global availability);
• Attend Our 7 Week Teleseminar Series; Attend Our Full Day Webinar
Each version of the Gifts of the Spirit Basic Program is experiential. You will have validation at each level. Build your confidence in your abilities and create competence in your ability to use the “Gifts.”

Learn from the comfort of your own home or office! Learn at your own pace, choose your own schedule.

Join us for ONLINE EVENTS with your computer or by phone.
If you cannot attend at these times, the webinar is recorded and all materials are available for you to use when it is convenient! Manual Included! No Pre-Requisites

• Tools to open your Gifts: Automatic Writing, Mediation, Direct Connection to Your Higher Self, Full     Body Channeling, and a variety of reading formats.
• Amplify your abilities: So you see, hear, or feel energy?
• Safety
• Your Contract: Who Should I Channel?
• Experience the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions.
• Fine tune your abilities: Energetic support from Laurie is provided as needed (if course it taken online with Laurie)

Divine Beings You Will Work With:
• Your Higher Self
• Your Dimensional Self
• Your Monad
• Masters of the Hierarchy of Light
• Angels and Archangels

Trademark & Copyright Notice

All manuals and materials from Seminars as well as Webinar Recording  are copyrighted and may not be shared without written permission. It is our responsibility to inform you that any misuse and abuse of  Spiritual Mystery Schools, 7th Ray Mystery Schools, or Triolite materials may have negative consequences.  Copyright laws as well as divine laws are in effect. We ask that you respect our copyright materials.

The manuals/ materials are spiritual materials. It takes tremendous preparation and spiritual evolution to write and  use the materials for teaching. If you are not an authorized instructor or coordinator you may have a negative impact using the materials for teaching, when you have not been authorized to do so. The ramifications for you, your family, relatives, and ancestors could be tremendous. It is our responsibility to share this with you……………the choice is yours!

Webinar recordings are owned by Triolite, Inc.  When  you sign up for a webinar you are authorized to use the webinar and materials. You are not legally authorized to share, lend, sell, or give these to another person.

Unless you have written permission from Triolite, Inc. in the form of a Copyright Release you may not use these materials, resell them, give them away, or teach this material in your own programs.

Many Teachers and Guides are authorized to present these programs  in a Seminar format.  If they are authorized they will have a Copyright Release to Show you.  We do not recommend you study with a Teacher or Guide who is not certified to offer this program.

Thank you for respecting our copyright.

The Adam Kadmon Activators Course Puts the Tools in the Hands of the Healers.

The first thing you had done for you before you became an Adept was the integration of your 3 bodies, The Spirit, Soul and Physical Body – Here you learn how to do that whole process yourself for other people. Only  those who are initiated hold the energy to do it. Step forward and wield your wand.

During this two day class you will also learn Starseed healing (fabulous for addiction and pain relief) as well as Integrated Chakra Alignment – the must have healing modality as a follow up after the AK Activation.

Teachers Power Week

During these five days you will truly be offered and granted an enormous step in your Soul’s evolution,  the ability to manifest your Spiritual gifts here on earth in the physical body,  have them translated into workable tools, be trained in using those tools and then be qualified to teach them to others.   The tools you will be taught and trained with are tried and tested.  They are only handed down to those in the Mystery School Tradition, as honestly said only we have the connection to use them as directed by the Hierarchy of Light.  Yes, there are similar things out there, but none quite so full and effective as these. I know this because I have been trainied in many of them.

As you progress through the five days you will learn to heal others –  and you will be healed.  As you learn to Teach others, you will be taught. Teachers Program manifests an Alchemical Change, and there are no limits to what Teacher’s Program offers you and those you serve!  All you will need to serve as an Esoteric Teacher, Healer, and Professional working in the Light you will receive.
Skills You Will Master As You Progress Through The Teachers Program

  • 24 Strand Etheric DNA Activation Training & Teacher’s Certification
  • Basic DNA Reading Teacher’s Certification
  • 11th Codon Reading
  • Advanced DNA Reading Training
  • Introduction to Hermetic Qabalah
  • Spiritual Business:  Know Thyself!

Core Programs Handing Down for Teachers (handing down means that you can teach these classes to others)

  • Divine Geometries
  • Astral Travel
  • Stress Management
  • Meditation Basics
  • Celtic Shamanic Evening
  • Alchemy Basics:  Experiencing the Medicine Wheel and Alchemical Wheel of the Elements
  • Foundations of Magic:  The Sacred Altar
  • Gifts Basic Teachers Program Teacher’s Certification

Healership & Other Services You May Offer

  • Etheric Healing Basic & Advanced
  • Laying On Stones
  • Starseed Healing
  • Unified Chakra Alignment ·
  • Energetic Wholeness & Hygiene with Cord Cutting :  (Exorcism Basics) ·
  • Introduction to Hermetic Qabalah
  • Shiva Lingum Activation .
  • And much more…..

The traditional core classes at the Teachers Programme will be offered to train first timers and as a review for existing Teachers and Guides. The certification process to teach others to offer these services will be explained fully. In addition, many other seminars will be handed down to enrich your light center programmes.

Teachers Program has a few Pre-Requisites – You can find a Guide or Teacher close to you or you can take program with Laurie as a pre-recorded webinar.

Pre-requisites to Attend Power Week I (Teachers Programme):
Adept Program, Divine Geometries, Astral Travel, Energy Basics (Adept II), Gifts of the Spirit Basic, Meditation Basics